Are you considering a Victoria kitchen renovation?

A proper Victoria kitchen
renovation or remodel requires strategic planning and expert execution.

You have probably already stood in the centre of your kitchen and imagined what new cabinets, appliances and countertops would look like. But then quickly snapped back to the real world, not sure what such an undertaking would cost or how to go about realizing your dream Victoria kitchen renovation.

Renovating a kitchen takes careful planning, budgeting and execution. Determining where to start the process is difficult: architect or designer; cabinet purchases first or demolition to create a clean palette; which comes first, new plumbing, electrical or appliances? If you have never renovated a kitchen, you are probably not quite sure where to start the process.

Before embarking on such a significant investment of time, money and energy, speak to a professional and sort out the steps, logistics and budget. But in the meantime, to help the process along, consider this simple guide on how to commence a project which could inject a lot of happiness and additional value into your home.

What is your kitchen used for and how can a kitchen renovation make it better?

On a typical day, what doo you do in your kitchen? How many people move through the space, what do they do and what are their needs? Are there problems with your current layout such as bottlenecks and pinch points or are appliances, outlets, cabinets and sinks poorly placed impacting functionality and efficiency?

Problems can range from flooring type to cabinet height to lack of storage or simply aesthetics: the renovation process starts with listing all that is wrong with your existing kitchen.

How much are you able and willing to spend on a Victoria kitchen renovation?

Before tearing your existing kitchen down to the studs, first you must determine how much money you are able to spend realize your dream kitchen. Consider the project an investment with immediate and long-term returns.

Your budget will determine the quality of cabinetry, brand of appliances, type of countertops and fixtures. A good designer or an experienced renovator or project manager can help you prioritize spend to best meet stated goals.

Will your budget meet your design inspirations?

Now that you have a list of your kitchen’s problems and potential solutions and a budget, search for inspiration.

Find kitchens with features, finishes and layouts that match your needs and remedy your problems. Visit websites, friends’ homes, home shows and browse Outlook Project Management’s portfolio of kitchen remodels. Look at the fixtures, cabinets, tiles, flooring, lighting and appliances and make notes, take photos and save website images. Imaging how these elements, properly budgeted and applied, could transform your kitchen into a gorgeous, functional space.

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!

What are the must haves? Based on you catalog of inspirations, list, in descending order, your priorities. This will help a designer, builder or project manager work within your budget to best meet your needs and wants within your budget.

Find an Experienced and Honest Kitchen Renovation Company

Investigate, ask friends for references, ask renovation companies for references and testimonials. Ask for examples of previous projects and for a list of companies’ proficiencies  and operational procedures. Outlook Project Management’s Proven Process lists the procedural steps that will ensure a successful project and proper client-contractor communications.

Remember: all the pre-planning is useless if the remodeling company you choose is unable to deliver. The Victoria kitchen renovation company you choose must offer quality work while being mindful of affordability. They must ensure communication is open and you are treated with respect throughout the project.