Victoria Home Additions and Renovations for Multigenerational Living

Victoria home additions, renovations and modifications that allow extended families to live together is becoming more common.

As the cost of living increases and people are living longer, more families are cohabitating to reduce costs and provide a home for elderly parents and family members.

Outlook Project Management is experienced at helping Victoria families plan for home additions, home renovations and home modifications. Our methodical and thoughtful “Proven Process” ensures that all the considerations are on the table.

Our expertise goes beyond the bricks-and-mortar to address the realities of every aspect of the recommended alterations or renovations, ensuring they meet the emotional and physical needs of the family members. Everything matters and everything is considered.

Home Renovations to Reduce the Cost of Living

Victoria and south Vancouver Island is an expensive place to live. Multigenerational living is becoming a popular way to offset costs while maximizing the use of existing living space. However, it requires proper planning.

Real estate prices continue to rise on Victoria south Vancouver Island. To realize the dream of owning a detached, single family house and white picket fence while caring for family young and old, what were once temporary solutions have become permanent as basements are renovated and plumbed to add additional bedrooms and washrooms and additions to create new living space.

Caring for Elderly Family Members in Renovated Spaces

Thanks to human progress, people are living longer. However, there has not been a concurrent increase in retirement savings or income. This means many elderly people do not have the means to maintain a lifestyle or even financially support themselves as they pass from their eighties and into their nineties. In many instances, health issues force families together, creating necessities and opportunities to support each other.

Outlook has worked with many families and performed many renovation projects to assist families aging in place including adaptations addressing mobility issues or disabilities. These modifications and renovations are often difficult to come to terms with and complex, requiring the assistance of outside resources such as occupational therapists. We know and understand the dynamic and benefit of third-party expertise and how to design and build with special requirements.

A “Proven Process” matters, and Outlook has one to work with you in the design and build of your project based on your wants and needs.